Integrative & Functional Medicine

  • Integrative-Functional medicine is the evolutionary individualized healthcare system of the 21st century. It views human body as a whole entity rather than isolated organs and body parts.

    Conventional medicine’s focus is disease-centred; Integrative-Functional medicine shifts the focus to a more patient-centred approach. Rather than addressing symptoms individually, Integrative-Functional medicine focuses on organs, their physiological connections, subsystems, genetics, lifestyle, environment and mental/emotional aspects of the patient. When we zoom into one area or symptom, we might miss the big picture and thus the root cause of the problem.

    Dr. Z believes in Integrative-Functional medicine because she believes that it is the only appropriate way to practice medicine – i.e., individualized but holistic at the same time. Integrative-Functional medicine relies on the therapeutic relationship between the practitioner and the patient to find and address the root cause of the disease. Dr. Z will work with you to find why you are facing your symptoms and how she can address the underlying issue(s) causing your symptoms by taking into account who you are as a whole person.